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"If you can't laugh at lawyers, who can you laugh at?" (Mel S. Martin, J.D.)

``Don't dare hire an attorney before you read this valuable book. It covers numerous aspects, including ways of testing a lawyer, and is able to combine humor with sensible guidelines." (Sid Ascher, The Current, December 27, 1996)

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From the Glossary:

Lawyer: A professional person who couldn't get into medical school.

Tort: A wrong that consists of a breach of duty rather than a breach of contract; also a  French pastry.

Retainer: Something worn by the attorney's kids to keep their teeth straight.

Stay: When a judge wants to suspend action, he orders a stay; a command given to pets and teenagers to accelerate action.

Many more


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About the Author

Mel Martin has practiced law for 25 years. He has a low income general practice with emphasis on low. He represents widows, orphans, and anyone else who can't afford to pay for legal services. He sells books to support his law practice.

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