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"If you can't laugh at lawyers, who can you laugh at?" (Mel S. Martin, J.D.)

``Don't dare hire an attorney before you read this valuable book. It covers numerous aspects, including ways of testing a lawyer, and is able to combine humor with sensible guidelines." (Sid Ascher, The Current, December 27, 1996)

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From the Glossary:

Lawyer: A professional person who couldn't get into medical school.

Tort: A wrong that consists of a breach of duty rather than a breach of contract; also a  French pastry.

Retainer: Something worn by the attorney's kids to keep their teeth straight.

Stay: When a judge wants to suspend action, he orders a stay; a command given to pets and teenagers to accelerate action.

Many more


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Publisher's Comments

Lawyers are such objects of scorn and the target of so many jokes it seems a wonder anyone in their right mind would consider taking up the profession. Why does a person choose to attend law school? Because they couldn't get into medical school. See? The quips fall like paper in a ticker tape parade.

Lawyers are so easy to roast you almost feel sorry for them. But when a person needs legal help he or she begins to understand why attorneys are held in such low regard. There are so many questions a client needs to have answered, but who answer them? Certainly not the lawyer. When a client gets totally frustrated it's time for comic relief. Attorney Mel Martin has written a hilarious new guide for the seeker of legal help. How to hire an Honest Lawyer ... and Other Oxymorons is a satirical "handbook" for the innocent wandering into unmapped legal territory. It provides humorous landmarks so the naive client-to-be can find that elusive trophy-the successful, honest lawyer. The author conducts readers through the process; realizing a lawsuit is imminent, learning that representing themselves is not like on TV, and finally, the warning signs and symptoms of the different types of attorneys (Winningest, Honest, Cheap, Opinionated, and Available). He then devotes a chapter to disengaging the lawyer, very handy knowledge to have when the lawsuit has been settled ... or distorted out of all recognition.

Martin's dry wit provides everything from chuckles to outright guffaws as he describes the ins and outs of the civil court system and the quirks of the  different personalities working within it. How to Hire an Honest Lawyer ... and other oxymorons will delight even the most cynical attorney-hater as it provides an amusing yet perceptive view.

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